Recycled Music

Recycled Music

Renew, reuse, recycle. Pretty much everyone knows what this slogan refers to especially with more focus on the earth these days in regards to recycling. So, what about when it comes to music? Some people have learned to create music from garbage. One young man from Mexico City built instruments from cardboard, cans, PVC pipe, broken appliances and more. In Paraguay there is a band that builds their instruments out of recycled materials. They city is built on top of a landfill.

Music is a very powerful force and humans will create it in very ingenious ways.

There is a show in Las Vegas called Recycled Percussion. The band uses items like power tools, ladders, buckets and trashcans. They manipulated these items to put out a stunning percussion sound. They were discovered on “America’s Got Talent” and now have a residency at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip.

Music is generally the central focus of most of the shows in Las Vegas. Here are a few that would be worth checking out:

  • The Blue Man Group – performing at the Luxor Casino. 3 college friends create the concept of the bald blue man and the music they create. The show is interactive with the audience. It is moving, fun, and mystical all the same time.
  • Le Reve – The Wynn Hotel and Casino. The show ranges from high diving to underwater dance. The combination of dance and music is mesmerizing. The talents of these amazing performers leave you in awe and feeling magical.
  • The Beatles Love – Some people compare it to being in the studio with the band. If you were ever a part of Beatlemania or “All You Need is Love” then this is a must see.

Music is created and presented in so many different ways. I think it’s fun to try to experience any different application of music you can. Humans can not resist music. Most of us feel music more than we hear it. We play it for almost any occasion whether it is a party, a funeral, a wedding, or to help us sleep. Just take a moment to think what just one day would be like if you didn’t hear music. It would be a very bleak day, if you ask me.

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I Want Something Real


Ever since I was a kid, I was drawn to music. I loved all of my dad’s favorite old bands like The Eagles and America and I was always drawn in by the lyrics in their songs. There was something magical about that classic pop-rock that made me smile every single time that I heard, “Horse with No Name” in a random bar playing from the jukebox. While my musical tastes changed, and I grew to love the bands of my own generation, there was still a special connection to the place that it all began. 

I think that part of it was because of the memories those songs were attached to in my life. The long road trips on the interstate with the oldies station blaring in the car, the concerts that my dad took me to when I was little, all of it was there every single time I heard those songs. It was almost like being able to time travel for just a brief moment and relive those special times with my family. I think that this feeling is pretty common for most music lovers. So, I got to thinking a little bit harder.

What if, the memories that we associate with music, are just as important as the music itself? What if someone who usually hates pop music was on a road trip with their best friends and “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” was on the playlist? I think that there are certain pieces of music that we can fall in love with or grow to hate, not because of the sound or the lyrics, but because of the places they take our mind. To this day, I cannot hear certain songs because of the sad memories that they bring back to the forefront of my mind.

I think that the reason that music has such a strong connection with us as people, is because we internalize it. Each song ceases to be just a melody and some words, and instead it transforms into a chance for us to project ourselves onto a piece of art. Every song that we hear, we wonder about how it relates to us on a personal level. We wonder what experiences the writer had, and if they were anything like the experiences that we have had. It all becomes a matter of introspection after a while.

When I look for new music to listen to, I am looking for something that sounds good and has some great authentic lyricism. What I do not know, is why my musical tastes developed in the way that they did. Unless, I step outside of myself for a moment and think about my memories with music. As I listened to music, I always tried really hard to identify with it on a personal level. So if a song feels disingenuous, then it is hard for me to give it a listen.

This is why I like honest music, because it connects me, and my projections, back into the window tinting las vegas shop that my dad owned, listening to The Eagles and feeling carefree.

Once I was 26 Years Old

What was your life like when you were 26 years old? I had a one year old baby boy and what I guess society would consider a “normal” life. In the music world things are a bit different.

26 year old Taylor Swift just became the highest paid celebrity of all time. She out ranked fellow singer-songwriters Madonna, Adele, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Not bad for a 14 year girl who started out in country music and then transitioned seamlessly to pop. She plays the guitar, writes amazing lyrics, and sings with the voice of an angel.

A few of the highest earners of all time include:

  • Paul McCartney
  • Bono
  • Dolly Parton
  • Jimmy Buffet

Out of this list, it just so happens that Dolly Parton was one of the first cover songs she performed in Nashville when she was trying to break in the market. Dolly and Taylor share many of the same work ethics and spit fire personalities.

Some of Swift’s other musical idols include Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney. Both of these sings have shown Taylor Swift tremendous support on her rise to fame. Kenny has even been known to lend her an ear on the phone when she needs and sends her words of encouragement from time to time.

Taylor is also crazy about her cats. She even named one of them Olivia Benson off of the TV drama Law and Order which Taylor once made a television debut on. She named another one Meredith off of the one of her favorite television shows, Grey’s Anatomy. It just goes to show that someone so famous can also be star struck by others. After all, she is human like the rest of us, right?

Well maybe a bit super human with all of her amazing accomplishments. At the rate she is going she will maybe even surpass Paul McCartney or Bono.

We recently took a trip down to Las Vegas to see some our close friends who own a carpet cleaning company in Las Vegas. Our trip was centered around seeing as many top performers as possible. All in all we saw 15 major music stars in 2 weeks and loved every minute of it. I guess we were making up for missing out when we were 26 years old!